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Well, haven't really updated for sometime. Was caught up in watching dramas on youtube. Hopefully I'll do some more additions and uploads soon XD. New layout for my site 101 is up, looks kinda more professional now ^-^ More things to do in these few weeks before school starts again! PHP is great...learnt some and this new way of keeping track of pages and layout is great. Currently using header.php, footer.php and index.php with dynamic inclusion. Maybe someday when I feel like it, I'll write a tutorial for it in mysite101. ^-^ More things to do now...
...later ^-^
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Update the blog today with more notes on Rich Dad's Rich Kids Smart Kids. Also, moved Jay Zone, Fan of F4, and Jolin Jam from the old site to the new site, now all I have to do is redirect the people. Well, more work to be done. ^-^


I have finally decided on and made the layout, hopefully it'll last so I don't have to think about starting to make another one. So tire from this one already ^-^

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